Gence Preschool | Registration
Gence Çocuk Yuvası (International Nursery and Preschool Ankara, International Nursery Ankara, International Preschool Ankara)
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Monthly School Fees (Summer School 2022 and 2022-23 Academic Year)

Full Day Early Childhood Education 6100.-TL (Ages 2-6)             (for siblings  5500.-TL)

Half Day Early Childhood Education 5500.-TL (Ages 2-4)

Payment Terms and Conditions

*VAT is included.

*Prepayment is required for registration.

*Payments will be made in the first 3 days of each month in 10 installments for the Academic Year. For Summer School, the payments will be made weekly.

*Payments are due even if the child does not attend the school during the academic year.

*Only wire transfer is accepted. For account details please contact us.

*For further information please contact us at +90 312 426 43 67.



After completing the registration form, the following documents must be given, as required by the Turkish Government.

*Copy of the child’s ID,

*Copy of the Parent’s Residence Permit and Parent’s ID(for foreigners),

*2 recent passport size photos of the child,

*Doctor’s report on health status of the child

*Registration Forms and Agreement Letter

If your child is being transferred from another school, we will need a developmental report from the school officials.

We need the following items when your child begins school:

*Extra clothes and underwear/diapers

*Indoor shoes without shoe laces

*School bag

*Pajama set (For afternoon sleepers only)

*Water bottle and self care set

All belongings of the children should bear labels.