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Gence Çocuk Yuvası (International Nursery and Preschool Ankara, International Nursery Ankara, International Preschool Ankara)
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Except for some distant sections of the city, we can provide a service vehicle which is adequately furnished for the security of children, to pick up your child from hme or bring your child back from the school. The cost of the school service is not included in the fees and should be negotiated according to the changing factors such as distance.


Two routes are defined below:


ROUTE 1: Koza St., Mahatma Gandhi St., Köroğlu (Uğur Mumcu St.)

ROUTE 2: Kırkkonaklar, Birlik, Turan Güneş, Kavaklıdere-GOP, Esat, Seyran, Türközü


Pick-up and drop-off times are arranged according to student numbers and routes.